Tummy Time Baby Water Mat

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This playmat is full of underwater creatures as well as floating toys that are sure to keep your baby occupied! Watch them and try to grasp the toys stimulating the baby's imagination.


• Material: 0.25mm environmental strong material
• Playmat Size: 39 x 32 x 19 inch
• Applicable Age: 3 months and up
• Package: 1 x Water Play Mat


Best Baby Toy for Your Angel
Toddlers will have a great time splashing and watching the floating items move about in the water. Parents can rest assured that the baby won’t hate tummy time anymore.

Best Mother-Baby Interaction Playmat
Mom should know how important tummy time is for learning to crawl and walking, and our water play mat does help baby’s development and keeps baby entertained.

Easy to Fold and Pack
This inflatable water mat is lightweight and foldable, perfect for outdoor play, or wherever you travel. After use, you can empty the water mat, fold it up, and then pack it into the package!



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