LED Vanity Mirror for Makeup

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Doing your makeup can be really hard without the special equipment and a great mirror to appreciate your face. Various mirrors tend to be expensive, however, our LED Vanity Mirror for Makeup provides the best quality look for a very accessible price compared to other brands!


This special mirror provides up to 10x Magnification so that you don't need to get that close to the mirror in an uncomfortable position. Simply stay at a decent and draw the best eyeliner you've ever done! No more hard times trying to appreciate your eyelids.

Including a flexible arm with a suction cup, enjoy a 360-degree rotation that will allow you to adjust the angle into the best position. Compared to other competitor's mirrors, our LED Vanity Mirror for Makeup allows you to reach the best comfort avoiding back pain from those uncomfortable positions while doing makeup. 

Get the best lighting for your makeup art! Simply tap the button in the mirror to turn on and off the lights. The mirror will require three AAA batteries in order to work (Not included!). These light LEDs will last for a long time and provide the most accurate natural light you will encounter throughout the day. 

There is a protective film on the mirror. Please remove the film before using it.

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