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Whittle your waist with zero effort! This Waist Trainer for Women can be worn around the house to help flatten your belly, cinch your waist, and burn extra calories via the thermogenic design! Or, wear it to the gym to take your workout up a notch. The polyester/nylon blend material induces sweat in your midsection to help you burn more calories and sweat away toxins.

How To Get A Cinched Waist

Ideal for post-partum or weight loss, this waist trainer will help you achieve your goals of a slimmer you. It also helps correct bad posture and reduces back pain. Available in S-3XL, each size has secure velcro closures that you can adjust as your tummy flattens.

Waist Trainer Vest Vs Corset


Sizing For All Body Types - With sizing up to 3XL, this waist trainer is for every woman and every shape.

Adjustable Velcro Straps - The adjustable straps let you continue to use the same waist trainer as you lose weight. Simply tighten as you lose.

Sweat Inducing Calorie Burn - The special blend material and compression fit induce sweating in your tummy area, so you can burn calories and get the hourglass figure you’ve been wanting.

Comfortable For Extended Wear - Comfy enough to wear around the house or at the gym, this waist trainer was made for everyday wear. It allows you to bend and flex as needed, so you can get in all those yoga poses.

Waist Trainer Corset

What Does The Package Include: 

  • 1 X Belt Shaper 

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